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10 African Safari Tips For First Timers

   Africa,Get Started Traveling,HashtagAfrica,Safari,Things To Know   January 23, 2019  Comments Off on 10 African Safari Tips For First Timers

Getting ready to go on your first African safari? In this post, we share our best African safari tips. We’ll never forget our first safari in Africa. It was our third day on the continent and we drove off headstrong into Kruger National Park at sunrise blasting The Circle Of … Read More

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The Best Travel Cameras To Buy For Your Next Trip

There are hardly any activities more intertwined than travel and photography. It’s only natural that as we explore the world we want to try and capture a piece of it to take home. Photographs have the amazing ability to capture moments in time. The perfect travel camera needs to meet…

How to Excel at GoPro Photography and Make Your Travel Pics Shine

Our GoPro is one of our favorite travel cameras. That probably comes as a surprise to most, but they’re nifty little cameras and they’ve managed to build their own unique brand of GoPro photography. They’re versatile, small, and rugged which makes them perfect for action photography. With the addition of…

A Girls Packing List for China in the Summer

   Asia,Categories,China,Destinations   September 2, 2017  2 Comments

The following is a guest post from Barbara at Jet Settara. She has traveled China extensively, while we have not.  I visited China in June and it was sizzling hot and sometimes humid as well. The country had really hot summers, but at the same time it is important to pack…