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Reclaim and Rise

   The Journey   January 29, 2019  Comments Off on Reclaim and Rise

“All of the sudden, you were gone.” It’s true. I vanished from the blogging world. I have no logical answer as to why. Writing nagged at the back of my mind since my last post back in 2017. For those who were tracking with me, I left you hanging. I disappeared with no ending. And … Continue reading Reclaim and Rise

Antelope Canyon

   The Journey,United States   July 8, 2017  Comments Off on Antelope Canyon

Have you ever been spent time at a place of complete wonder? A special place touches the awe-inspired parts of your soul? A sight where you turn in circles mesmerized by the design that could not have been created by any human but only in the artistic imagination of God? That was my experience in … Continue reading Antelope Canyon

Open Arms of Hospitality

   Remarkable Souls,The Journey,United States   June 19, 2017  Comments Off on Open Arms of Hospitality

We grew up in the same town. We went to the same elementary, middle and high school. We did not run in the same crowds or have the same circle of friends. Thinking back, our paths really only crossed through the time commitment abyss of high school marching band and concert band. We graduated one … Continue reading Open Arms of Hospitality

Crossroads of Decision

   Remarkable Souls,The Journey,United States   June 8, 2017  Comments Off on Crossroads of Decision

I learned that trekking with little planning takes more effort for me than following a pre-set path for a couple of reasons. First, the constant details. I am more of what I would call, a big picture person. Fine details become an overwhelming annoyance. When the details do not work out in the way I … Continue reading Crossroads of Decision

The Sacrifice of Generosity

   The Journey   May 26, 2017  Comments Off on The Sacrifice of Generosity

Generous: characterized by a noble or kindly spirit; liberal in giving; marked by abundance or ample proportions Abundance: an ample quality; affluence, wealth; relative degree of plentifulness (Definitions from Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary) One of the most unexpected conversations I found myself repeatedly having throughout this backpacking journey is the generosity of the United States of … Continue reading The Sacrifice of Generosity

“The Smoke That Thunders”

   Africa,The Journey   May 18, 2017  Comments Off on “The Smoke That Thunders”

  David Livingstone On November 16, 1855, David Livingstone stumbled upon Mosi-oa-Tunya (Tonga for “The Smoke that Thunders”). Like any good European explorer, he renamed the falls after Queen Victoria of Britain. Although the World Heritage List recognizes both names, most people are familiar with the English name, “Victoria Falls.”   David Livingstone’s original goal was … Continue reading “The Smoke That Thunders”

Peace in the Okavango Delta

   Africa,The Journey   May 12, 2017  Comments Off on Peace in the Okavango Delta

In addition to protecting animals, Botswana also has taken measures to protect the landscape as well. Within the past couple of years, the Okavango Delta has been recognized as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa. It achieved the 1000th site to be labeled a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With nowhere else to flow … Continue reading Peace in the Okavango Delta

The Safe Haven of Botswana

   Africa,The Journey   May 5, 2017  Comments Off on The Safe Haven of Botswana

Following my much-loved time in Namibia, our tour continued east to next door, Botswana.  Take a look at the map. Botswana is the yellow, landlocked country in the south central part of Africa. Unlike some of the neighboring countries, Botswana is an economically stable and thriving country with interest in protecting its environmental resources. Before we get too deep into all … Continue reading The Safe Haven of Botswana

Treasures in the Namib Desert

   Africa,The Journey   April 24, 2017  Comments Off on Treasures in the Namib Desert

To the left, a single cloud of rain pounded on the earth below. To the right, the sun was in the process of rising from its slumber when we drove into Namib-Naukluft National Park. As we made our way down the path, I was mesmerized by the sheer size of the dark orange sand piling up on either side of … Continue reading Treasures in the Namib Desert

The Landscaped Beauty of Namibia

   Africa,The Journey   April 17, 2017  Comments Off on The Landscaped Beauty of Namibia

Ever since I heard stories and looked at photos of my sister sandboarding in the desert dunes from fifteen years ago, I have wanted to see Namibia. Coming from snow country, who ever heard of boarding on sand? That is crazy! But it stuck with me. If you remember back to a couple posts ago, I mentioned my excitement to … Continue reading The Landscaped Beauty of Namibia