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What #IMINSPIREDBY this Women’s Month 2017.

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What #IMINSPIREDBY this Women’s Month 2017.

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What #IMINSPIREDBY this Women’s Month 2017.

This Women’s month, August 2017, Hi-Tec SA in collaboration with MovePretty are asking women- What inspires you?Plus making sure we are kitted out in the finest combination of athleisure wear to enjoy in the streets of our city, on mats of our yoga classes or even in the dance studio.

How does one even begin to answer the question: “What inspires you?” When it comes to myself there are countless things. I’m inspired by raw talent in others, their ambition, their drive and energy to success in something they love. I’m inspired by young women walking empowering themselves and educating themselves in order pursue their ultimate passions in life. I’m inspired by passing anything I’ve ever learnt to those who haven’t had the same opportunities I have.

Jumping for joy in Mozambique!

I’m inspired by creating; creating stories- visually and with words, creating journeys and new unexpected ways of living, creating a career I love and one beyond my wildest dreams, creating a life out of the ordinary that doesn’t involve 9-5pm office life in a job I don’t enjoy, creating a life where I get to enjoy my family, journey with them around the world and write about it. 

I’m inspired by music that moves me from my soul, to my toes and all over my body.  I’m so inspired by people who create music because there is so much power in that; the power to make people feel joyful, alive, nostalgic or fired up. Music that makes move without leaving my chair, that fuels my mind and that makes me dance. Dance inspires me and has since I was a young girl. I started ballet at 7 years old and never stopped dancing. After 12 years of ballet, I started hip hop and inspired by so many other dance teams and individuals I’d seen in SA and on TV, I started competing in South Africa and internationally. I danced solo, danced duos and in a team. Those competitive dancing years were some of the most thrilling times of my life. I had the time to give my all to my art and it was exhilarating. I still can’t go a week without dancing, but now dance has taken on a different face for me, I move because it makes me happy not because I’d love to win any medals.

And there’s the really precious things. I’m inspired by God, what He means to me, the way He has carried me through this beautiful life so far and how I believe He will continue to do so. I’m inspired by His mind-blowing creation; from the volcanoes of Indonesia, to the lava fields of Hawaii, to the mountains of Rio, to the waves of JBay, to the beaches of Thailand and the bush veld of Botswana.  Being a travel journalist, I’m so blessed to have seen bits of His creation all around the globe. I’m inspired by exploration, by slow travel, by lingering in a place long enough to really get to its people, its heart and its problems.

And I am inspired by my family; my parents and brother- who taught me to love, to share, to give, to work hard, to pursue my dreams, to camp, to explore, to succeed, to educate myself and who gave me everything I could’ve possibly wanted. And by my husband who teaches me daily to be more spontaneous, not always plan, to be fearless and bold in many situations and to move slower. And after these last two years, I’m inspired by my son Caleb. He is a representation of every good gift God has given me. His joy, his abandon, his fearlessness, his big heart, his smile, his dance moves, his singing voice and his laughter are truly some of my life’s greatest treasures. He inspires me to be better, stronger, happier, more loving, more kind, more real, more patient and a better version of me in every way.

Caleb-the very best part of me!

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Dr Seuss. I love this quote which Hi-tec has been sharing this month. I don’t think I initially grew up believing that I needed to stand out. I was very secure in myself, what I brought to the world, but was very happy to fit within the norms. The older I get, the more I truly realize that there will never be another me. And all I can really do, is be the best version of me. And that is an exciting thought. This life is a beautiful thing.

So I ask again, what inspires you? What would you write in the blank space?


This women’s month, share about what inspires you and share it on your social media platforms using the hashtag #IAMINSPIRED By, tagging @movepretty  and @hitec_sa

What #IMINSPIREDBY this Women’s Month 2017.
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